ABSccelerator E-Book

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The ABSccelerator e-book is completely focused to develop thicksymmetrical and aesthetic six pack abs you've always wanted. Let's not forget to help improve the function of your core also. The ABSccelerator e-book contains three (3) full circuits with four (4) exercises within each. This will definitely be a great guide to help you get the results you're looking for fast! Everything (rest time, sets, reps, etc...) is fully detailed and if you're unsure about a certain exercise, there is diagrams for each to help you get a better understanding and to assist you to perform the exercises with proper technique. 

What's Included?

  • Abs workout plan
  • 3 full circuits
  • 12 exercises (4 each circuit) 
  • Male and Female designed
  • Descriptive overview & explanation of the plan
  • Diagrams for each exercise
  • Rest time, sets and reps included
  • 6 full pages


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